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Wallpaper Links

This site is a supplement to wallpapers posted by myself (Kephren) @  I merely want to show where I got my images from, and state that "Permission has neither been asked nor given for the use..." of those images.  Nor was permission asked or given for the use of that Neil Gaiman quote from the disclaimer in American Gods.  ^_^
So, in other words, to echo the disclaimer on my MyOtaku page, images used in wallpapers were found on the following sites. All images are copyright their respective owners and creators, while the designs found within the papers are all original and created purely for recreation, never profit.
Did you somehow manage to stumble here from somewhere that wasn't my MyOtaku page?  If so, do you wish to see my wallpapers?  Well then, step right up! If that is not the case, or you've already seen my papers, click here to go to

Flame of Recca:

Saiyuki, red Trigun paper featuring Vash, Cowboy Bebop, DNAngel, the Twelve Kingdoms, and FLCL: Anime Project Alliance

Inuyasha: Inuyasha Gallery

Rurouni Kenshin: Let it Burn

Black Saiyuki paper featuring Goku: Manga City

Fruits Basket: Chiisana Inori and APA

Tsubasa/XXXholic: Sakura no Tsubasa (en franšais).

Black & white Trigun paper featuring Wolfwood: TRIGUN: Wolfwood

Kingdom Hearts: Kingdom Hearts homepage

Wolf's Rain: Rakuen

Soul Calibur 2: Creative Uncut

Outlaw Star, Metropolis and Kare-Kano: unknown. if you think they're yours, and would like a link, e-mail me.

all standard disclaimers apply.  i own nothing, nor do i claim to.  all images displayed for recreational purposes only, and copyright to their respective owners, minus images otherwise stated immediately with the image.  no profit is being made.