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Kephren's Miscellany

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It's rather pathetic. I've gotten addicted to these things. From Muppets to books to television, if I liked it, I'll sign a thing that lets me put up a little badge expressing that.

Books & Authors:

Terry Pratchett FL
Neil Gaiman FL
Discworld series FL
Maskerade by Terry Pratchett FL
The Discworld FL
Wizards of Discworld FL
The Luggage of Discworld FL
American Gods by Neil Gaiman FL
Stardust by Gaiman FL
Harry Potter series FL
Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter FL

Anime & Manga:

Hayao Miyazaki FL
Blade of the Immortal FL
yakitake!! japan FL
Flame of Recca FL
MAR by Nobuyuki Anzai FL
Hanabishi Recca FL
Joker of Flame of Recca FL
Hatori of Fruits Basket FL


Beaker of the Muppets FL
"The Rainbow Connection" Muppet song FL

Miscellaneous Things: