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Kephren's Miscellany

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Journey into disarray.

So yeah. Welcome to my website and all that rot. You'll find supplementary links to all the wallpapers I've posted as Kephren @ here, as well as various other things, including what I feel are my best papers.

See the full gallery of my wallpapers HERE.

I also have a DeviantArt page, where you will see a load of original illustration as well as a minor amount of fanart. Click HERE to visit it.

Or you can go to my Livejournal. I don't see why you would, but if you want to, click HERE.


About Me

Names: Alison, Sonny, Chicki, Kephren, Jabba the Hutt, Ari-son, the Potato Bandito, the Palison, etc. etc.

Born: 1987, U.S.A.
Died: Not just yet.

Likes: Jimmy Buffett, Photoshop, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Drawing, Reading, Muppets, Manga, Animation, Neil Gaiman, Mythology, Comics (like Fables and the Sandman), Opera, Discworld, Harry Potter, Alphonse Mucha, Edward Gorey, Hercule Poirot, Alice in Wonderland, Gameboy Advance, Soul Calibur II.

Dislikes: Explaining myself, Onions, Being Lactoste Intolerant, Poor Listeners, Bad Music, Menstrual Cycling, Hypocrites, Bigots, Posers, People that spray paint 'Bush' on stop signs but didn't bother voting, People that read comic books in bookstores and don't ever buy any, Plagiarism.

All standard disclaimers apply.  I own nothing, nor do I claim to.  All copyrighted images displayed for recreational purposes only, and copyright to their respective owners.  No profit is being made.